How to officially get paid Android apps for free from Google Play Store


There are millions of applications on the Google play store. Mostly they are free with in-app ads but there are also premium apps that you have to pay to download on your smartphone.  Of course, there are plenty of illegal ways to download paid android apps but they come with their own downsides. 

Just because you cannot afford an application, also doesn’t mean that you should look for a pirated version of a premium or paid app.  You can Instead, try using apps on the Google Play Store which alert you to discounts or free promotions. There are many apps for Android devices which help users keep track of the latest information about what’s available online from companies and developers offering their apps at discounted prices or completely free. You can get quite a bit of interesting functionality from some great apps which have been created in order to fulfill specific purposes like getting in touch with local merchants and customers that offer specials and deals in your area and also tracking down free versions of paid applications for your smartphone device. In this article, we’ll have a look at one of the best legal as well as easiest ways to download paid android apps on your smartphone absolutely for free. 

Here’s How to Get Paid Android Apps for Free:

Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground is the Amazon Appstore for Android and allows Amazon app and game developers to make their applications and games available to Amazon customers for free. Amazon paid out over $80 million in Amazon Coins to its customers who engaged with apps & games on Amazon Underground, making it an attractive option for new mobile buyers.

It is kinda hard to individually keep track of Play Store Sales. You may not know which apps are currently on sale or when they are being offered for free. is your one-stop place for being updated with the latest Play Store sales. It also lists all the paid apps that are now free to download, so you can get them for free. : Each day, updates its website to show you all the latest discounts. You can keep up with this website to see if there are any apps you are interested in, free or not. All you have to do is go to and look for the apps that interest you. 

So if you are in need of tracking down free versions of paid applications, then you should definitely try Amazon Underground and for your Android smartphone device which is one of the most popular and best legal ways to download paid applications for your smartphone.


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