Using Free Wi-Fi? Here’s What You Need to Know Before Using Public Wi-Fi


Using Wi-Fi is like breathing these days. Moreover, the outbreak of covid-19 has indeed hyped the usage of the internet. The use of Wi-Fi is increasing not only in houses or offices but also in public places. Either for using social media or for studying purposes, we need the internet.

Most of the telecom companies are providing data packages at cheaper rates. You can buy huge data packs ranging from hourly packs to data and monthly packs. Telecommunication companies like NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell are providing such data packs through which you can get the most of the internet wherever you are.

Apart from these packs from the telecommunication companies, the internet service provider companies (ISPs) are providing free wifis in the major areas. In this regard, Worldlink is providing free internet in various places in Nepal.

Worldlink Free Wi-Fi ; Know about its services and Wi-Fi Mobility

Worldlink is providing the freedom of surfing for its users wherever they are staying. No matter where they are either indoor or outdoor, it doesn’t matter. You can enjoy the use of free Wi-Fi through more than 11000+ free Wi-Fi hotspots all over Nepal.

You can enjoy free Wi-Fi in public places like temples, banks, restaurants, offices, airports, hospitals, and public places.

In addition to that, Worldlink is catering its free Wi-Fi services to both existing Worldlink users and non-users.

How to connect to the free Wi-Fi by Worldlink?

Worldlink is the sole ISP that is providing free Wi-Fi as of now in Nepal.

If you are a Worldlink user, you need to follow these simple steps to connect to the free Wi-Fi by Worldlink:

  • Go to the nearest place where Worldlink’s Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available
  • Open myWorldlink App
  • Click On “Wi-Fi Mobility”
  • Click on “Connect”

While using this service, you can get the benefit of:

  • One time login setup
  • Unlimited Free Internet Access all over Nepal
  • Can be connected on 2 devices simultaneously
Using Free Wi-Fi? Here's What You Need to Know Before Using Public Wi-Fi 1

If you are not a Worldlink user, you can follow these steps to connect to the Wordlink free Wi-Fi:

  • Open your Wi-Fi network and click on “Free_Worldlink_Wi-Fi”
  • Click on “Get Online”
  • Click on “New Registration for Free Login Code”
  • Enter yur mobilenumber
  • Click on “Request Login Code”
  • Click on “OK” to confirm your phone number
  • Insert “Login Code” you received on your number
  • Click on “Check Box” to accept the terms and conditions
  • Click on “Login”

Hence, Worldlink is serving both the existing users and non-Worlink users to use its public Wi-Fi for free. You can connect to it and enjoy using the internet outdoors. Moreover, you can make TikTok too and upload it in an instant.

The non-Worldlink users can enjoy the benefits like:

  • Free internet access all over Nepal
  • Per user 500 MB data in a day
  • Users can get 200 MB extra by simply watching Ads on “Express Wi-Fi App”

Moreover, you can check if Worldlink’s Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available or not in your location

The existing Worldlink users can directly find it through their myWorldlink app on their mobile phones. They can follow these steps:

  • Go to myWorldlink app
  • Wi-Fi Mobility
  • Open Wi-Fi Maps

On the other hand, the non-existing users have to open the mobile’s Wi-Fi settings and check “Free_Worldlink_Wi-Fi”.

Remember to Use Public Wi-Fi Carefully, You Can be Exploited!!

However, one must be careful while using public Wi-Fi. I would like to remind a popular quote that says,

“If you are getting something for free, then you are the product”.

Indeed, when you are getting something for free, make sure that you make the most of it without being exploited. By this, I mean there is a threat for both the users and the hosts providing their hotspots.

For the hosts, attacks on the data systems can occur if some person enters the Wi-Fi network with such intentions. It is because, when someone gets access to a certain Wi-Fi network, they can be a threat if that system is vulnerable. A possible case is that there might be a data breach. Hence, most of the banks have stopped providing free Wi-Fi access to visitors to minimize the risk of a data breach.

For the users, they might have a potential threat to their personal information or data when they are linked with public Wi-Fi.

How to be safe while using free public Wi-Fi?

You can follow these tips to be safe while using free public Wi-Fi:

  • Always use a free Wi-Fi from a genuine network; For example, Worldlink Free Wi-Fi is a genuine network provider
  • Try to surf inernet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), this way it can block external links and notifications
  • Avoid using specific websites which are not allowed in to your region
  • Try not to use a public Wi-Fi for financial transactions like fund transfers, payments, etc.
  • Do not share confidential files or data using a public Wi-Fi

If you follow these steps, you can prevent yourself from potential risks and threats while using public Wi-Fi to some extent. We hope this article helped you to stay safe while using public Wi-Fi.

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