Fake FaceApp is Hunting Your Devices with Malware: Things You Should Know


When everyone is trying to see how they look when they go older using an application called FaceAPP, even though the application is under controversy for the data handling. A fake app which is designed to trick users with similar look and function of a certified version of  FaceAPP is infecting users device with Malware called “MobiDash”, a leading cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said on Friday.

“In the fake app, the developer behind ‘MobiDash’ often hide their Malware chunk under the semblance of popular applications and services. This means that the activities of the fake version of FaceApp could intensify, especially if we are talking about hundreds of targets in just a few days,” Igor Golovin, Security Researcher at Kaspersky, said in a statement.


Researcher at ESET, another cybersecurity firm has discovered an active FaceAPP challenge scam. Lukas Stefanko, an ESET malware researcher, has posted about a website that claims to offer a premium version of FaceApp. “In reality,” Stefanko explained, “the scammers trick their victims into clicking through countless offers for installing other paid apps and subscriptions, ads, surveys and so on.”

Be Careful with FaceAPP Challenge

It is advisable that you should not download the application from an unofficial source. However, a brief search of the Google Play you will find tons of similar apps which act and works like FaceAPP and the numbers will increase in coming weeks.

We advise users to search for the name of the developer online before installing any apps.


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