eSewa in Association with Dalle brings “Buy One, Feed One” Initiative


As the lock-down continues and the outbreak of coronavirus hasn’t been contained yet, a major problem that has become even more prominent with the ongoing crisis is that of food. People aren’t even getting a meal a day in many places in our country itself. There has been an economic crisis as of late. Also, the enforcement of lock-down has lead to wage workers being deprived of their wages. This has made it difficult for them to fulfill their daily needs for survival. Many of them haven’t even been able to have a proper meal. However, there have been continuous efforts by various communities to feed these people. They have been giving out free food at some places in the country. We need more people to contribute to this cause as a fair amount of our population is being deeply affected.

Stay home and Contribute towards the cause

eSewa in Association with Dalle brings "Buy One, Feed One" Initiative 2

In light of all this, eSewa in association with Dalle brings to you the Buy One, Feed OneCampaign. This is a really thoughtful initiative by them as it gives a chance for the privileged to help the needy. You don’t even have to go out to be a part of this good deed. What’s more, is that you too will get a meal so it is a win-win. Just order food from Dalle and pay with eSewa ‘Scan to Pay’ option when the food is delivered to you. It is as simple as that. With every meal you buy with eSewa’s ‘Scan to Pay‘ payment option you’ll be feeding a needy one too.

For all of you who have been wanting to help the needy ones, there isn’t a better opportunity than this at the moment. This in return also promotes digital (contactless) payment which is another great thing to be done keeping in mind the current circumstances. Previously, eSewa has also already donated Rs 5 Lakh to support the government’s initiative in controlling the spread of coronavirus in our country.  


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