Earthquake Alert Feature arrives On Android 12


Google will expand the earthquake alert feature on many more regions in the next update of its Android 12 operating system.  The tech giant plans to expand the feature globally within 2021. The feature, called “Earthquake Alert,” will send notifications to users in areas of potential “extreme shaking,”. The service will also be capable of sending a text message or an e-mail to your emergency contacts. and provide detailed information about the damage. 

How does the Earthquake Alert work ?

Google uses geolocation data of billions of its users and combines them with a vast network of sensors to continuously monitor the shaking.  Warnings will be sent when the earthquake is detected within 25 miles of your location. You can be notified when an earthquake hits your area and receive text messages to contact the people you love. phones will be a  part of the Earthquake Alerts System. They can work as a mini seismometer, joining millions of other Android phones out there to form the world’s largest earthquake detection network. All smartphones come with tiny accelerometers that can sense signals that indicate an earthquake might be happening. If the phone detects something that it thinks may be an earthquake, it sends a signal to Google’s earthquake detection server, along with the exact location of where the shaking occurred. The server then combines information from many phones to figure out if an earthquake is happening.

The service works much like Apple’s “emergency alert” system on iPhones but will be faster reliable as well as convenient. This is not the first time Google has attempted to incorporate earthquake alerts into an operating system. In early 2009 Google had an earthquake alert feature but the feature was removed just a year later. 


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