DTube: The Decentralized Alternative to YouTube?


YouTube has been the video platform of choice since it first launched back in 2005. While it hasn’t been without controversy, it has been the #1 video destination for over a decade.  with the growing adoption of Blockchain technology in almost all areas of the internet, people have complained about the centralized nature of YouTube time and again.  

YouTube: The problem

Videos on YouTube are saved to the online servers of YouTube, and because videos are public, there is no real control placed in the hands of the creator. Therefore, content creators have little to no control over what happens with their uploaded videos. What’s more, not all videos are treated fairly by algorithms and it isn’t clear as regards how paid advertisements are applied in order for a content creator to make money. In the case with centralized platforms like YouTube, the whole experience is run by or owned by just 1 entity. This creates an extremely unbalanced playing field for both creators and viewers. Creators are not able to take advantage of any value that they’ve created since they don’t own anything other than their content. They aren’t able to collect any data or insight about what users enjoy so it’s extremely difficult to know what kind of content people want to see more of. It also means that if YouTube decides they want to change something related to how they administer payments, rules, consequences pertaining to ads/monetization, etc…they have complete control over these kinds of components regardless of someone’s individual success on the platform regardless if it serves the interests of either party involved. DTube, the decentralized video platform is solving the problem. 

DTube: Alternative to YouTube ?

DTube is the first-ever decentralized video platform of the future. It is short for Decentralized Tube and built using STEEM blockchain and IPFS infrastructure that incentivizes users with cryptos to create, watch share videos, and be rewarded for it. DTube aims to give the power of creation and control of content back to both users and creators alike. It is short for Decentralized Tube, using blockchain technology to record all user-generated videos on a decentralized network, protected from censorship or any central controlling entity. Content is rewarded through the use of tokens by both viewers and authors alike for watching, upvoting, and sharing the videos they enjoy. DTube wants to build a community where video sharing can be a truly peer-to-peer process with no possibility of any centralized interference. By integrating the blockchain into their platform design they have made it possible for all uploaded videos to be stored in a secure place with no possibility of being tampered with in any way by anyone at any time.

The future of video sharing seems to be decentralized, and DTube is hoping to be the platform that makes it happen. Content creators will be able to distribute their videos without interference from centralized entities, and users will be able to consume the content they want in an uncensored manner. The platform is hoping to be the home of free speech, and if it can deliver on its promises, it could be a huge success.


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