1 Gbps Internet Sounds Cool, But Do You Really Need It?


WiFi is not an afterthought. After all, Wi-Fi is essential for our tablets, security cameras, and all other wireless devices. Today we cannot even imagine our day-to-day lives without the internet. One thing that we hate the most these days is the slow internet. This fact is agreed upon by everyone. So, internet service providers are offering higher and higher speeds for their customers. Because really, nobody wants a slow internet. But some ISPs are providing 1Gbps internet for household use internationally which sounds insane. Do we really need 1 Gbps internet for our home? Let’s find out.

What is Gigabit Internet?

Gigabit internet is one of the fastest internet speeds you can get. It delivers download speeds of up to 1Gbps, the equivalent of 1,000Mbps. With Gigabit Internet, 100 people can be connected and performing tasks at the same time. These kinds of speeds are typically only available in locations with fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), commonly known as ‘full fiber’ connections. This is when the connection between your provider, the network, and your home is completed entirely using fiber-optic cables rather than copper phone lines.

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Advantages of Having 1Gbps Internet

  • Faster upload speed can go up to 940/880Mbps which shrinks the upload time from minutes to seconds.
  • With gigabit speeds, a high-definition video conference or hour-long webinar takes mere seconds to download. Imagine downloading the 3 hours long ‘Avenger Endgame’ in a matter of few seconds. Just wow.
  • Increased Reliability.
  • Multiple users are supported even with a strong signal.
  • Improved Security.
  • Productive for the result out of the internet, being faster makes you more efficient.
  • Saves time for streaming or browsing. If you have video content or some rich text, then you will save time for the digital media to reach you.

Devices You May Need to Access

In order to access 1Gbps internet, you might need special devices and routers that can handle that speed. Our normal routers at home cannot handle this kind of speed. Normally, the routers that we use for our personal use handle only up to 300 Mbps speed. If you live in a small home and only need a single router, make sure it’s one that can handle the fastest possible Wi-Fi speed. So you need to get a router that has 4×4 specs on a single band. Better yet, consider a tri-band router. That’s because Wi-Fi bandwidth is shared, so the more bands a router has, the more concurrent users it can handle without slowing down. You may also want to get a mesh system with high ceiling bandwidth for fascinating experience.

Do you need 1 Gbps Internet?

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Obviously the higher your download speed, the faster you can download files, and the better quality you can stream smoothly. Gigabit internet offers speeds ten times faster than average superfast broadband. But the main theme is knowing whether you really need one for your home. If you subscribe to 1 Gbps internet, it comes with an extra charge. So, you might want to consider it carefully before getting one.

If the internet at your place is used only by a handful of people, 1Gbps internet would be overkill. It would just be a wastage of extra cost. However, if there are dozens of people who use your internet at the same time, Gigabit internet is a sound investment. That way, not any of the internet users have to feel frustrated with the slow internet. The fast-moving world needs even faster internet. This does not put a strain on the bandwidth of your devices. Hence, it will improve your experience and the quality of your work.

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