Digital Transaction Limit for GoN Revenue Payment Increases to NRs. 2 Billion in NCHL’s System


Digital transaction limit for revenue payment to the Government of Nepal initiated from various channels of NCHL has been revised.

The digital payment limits for GON revenue from the systems including CORPORATEPAY and Bank Central (bank branches) under NCHL have been increased up to NRs 2 Billion for On-us (same bank) transactions.

NCHL consulted with the relevant Government agencies, BFIs, and with approval from Nepal Rastra Bank, revised this transaction limit on its various channels.

With this revision, the customers of the BFIs can now initiate revenue payments up to NRs.2 Billion per transaction through the NCHL Bank Central module for “On-Us” transactions and initiate through its bank branches.

Similarly, the CORPORATEPAY system will now allow On-Us revenue payment up to NRs. 1 crore for transactions initiated through the public network and up to NRs. 5 crores for transactions initiated through the private network.

The increased limit is applicable for On-us transactions whereby both the debiting and crediting bank are the same, however, for Off-us (different BFIs) transactions, the existing limit of NRs. is 30 crores for non-real-time and NRs. 20 Lakh for real-time shall continue to be applicable.

What are On-Us and Off-Us Transactions?

Digital transactions in NCHL’s systems can be performed through both On-Us and Off-Us channels. On-Us transaction refers to the one that takes place in the same BFI or its branches. For example, if company A has a company account in (say) Nabil Bank and it pays salary to its employees’ salary account at Nabil Bank, it falls under On-Us transaction.

On the other hand, if the same company pays to the salary account that is maintained in (say) Everest Bank, or pays to its suppliers or clients on other different banks, it falls under Off-Us transaction.

This increase in digital transaction limit will support in increasing the government revenue collection

The increased limit is expected to support GoN’s drive to increase e-payment for its revenue collection, particularly for the department/ divisions handling high-value transactions including the Inland Revenue Department, Department of Customs, and similar.

NCHL has been facilitating the GoN by enabling mobile wallets, mobile banking, connectIPS, internet banking, CORPORATEPAY, Bank Central, and similar channels for e-payment of revenue collection, corresponding to which over NRs 34 Billion equivalent of revenue has already been processed through NCHL infrastructure in the current fiscal year until mid of Falgun.

NCHL has been operating various clearing and settlement systems including NCHL-ECC, NCHL-IPS, connectIPS, connect RTS, NPI, CORPORATEPAY, and recently has implemented National Payment Switch with the extension of various non-card based digital payments including QR based payments.

There are over 60 banks & financial institutions as its direct members with access to over 5,728 bank branches and over 87 non-bank institutions as indirect/technical members within NCHL’s network.

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