Dashain Offer from ISPs in Nepal: Classic Tech Dashain Offers


Accomplishing the necessary rituals of Ghatasthapana, we have opened our doorways for Dashain. This means long-awaited celebrations will soon begin several Dashain offers are already in the market. This year, however, not many ISPs are giving Dashain offers to the users. We’ll discuss Classic Tech’s Dashain Offers in this post.

Classic Tech Dashain Offer

Classic Tech is racing to introduce better Dashain offer amidst the lockdown. Speaking of Vianet’s Dashain Offer, the offer is beneficial for both existing and new joining users. If you’re an old user, you can subscribe to an internet package for a year and get a free net for the next year. This means, on a yearly subscription, you’ll get free internet service for the next year too. Similarly, for new users, 50Mbps internet is available at just Rs.471 per month. Isn’t it exciting to know?

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Because of lockdown and every other misfortune that happened this year, ISPs were unable to roll out jaw breaking offers.

Note: Also, some ISPs dropped the offers that they had published earlier and the news we published might have been misleading for some of our readers. We have removed the offers that were dropped later on. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


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