Code for Change is organizing the first and the biggest National level Hackathon event in Nepal- Codefest 2022.

Codefest 2022 is the nationwide event that is going to be organized by “Code for Change”. It is a project initiated by “Youth in Social Change” which is a community of Computer science students who are interested to learn and exploring new things. The organization was established with the vision to be Nepal’s largest platform for students pursuing the technology.

Know more about Codefest 2022

Codefest 2022 is a hackathon program in which the student will work on a project to solve the problem using technology.

As per the plan of Code for Change, the Codefest 2022 is going to start from April 3, 2022, at Provincial Level which is going to end on April 10, 2022. After the provincial Level Codefest, there will be a gap before the final from April 11, 2022 – to April 13, 2022. The final event will be held from April 14, 2022, to April 20, 2022.  The event will be organized in two different phases:

1. Provincial Level Competition

In the provincial-level competition, the team will have to register to represent their college. Each team can have 2-4 members in it. The team will be competing with the one from their province.

2. National Level Grand finale

The winners of each province from all seven provinces will compete against each other in the grand finale, which will take place in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

The main theme of the event will be based on the 7 out of 17 SDGs-Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Good health and well being: Products may relate to mental or physical health, fitness, yoga, medical MS, healthy food, etc.
  • Quality education: Products may relate to online learning student MS, Online Library, Compare sites, smart classroom, etc.
  • Gender Equality: Products may relate to women empowerment platforms, gender-relatedproblem-solving platforms.
  • Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure: Products may relate to startups like ride sharing apps, digital wallets, E– commerce site, Employee MS (attendance system), Emergency systems.
  • Smart cities: Products may relate to pollution meter, traffic system, households MS, online transportation, map management, tourism, waste management, community/ culture.
  • Climate Action: Products may relate to reuse/recycle, eco-friendly ideas, pollution tracker, climate awareness app, plastic use elimination.
  • Peace, Justice & Strong institution: Products may relate to decentralized banking, anti-corruption, decentralized governance (blockchain), crime report app, etc.

Code For Change Seeks to Form a Strong Community of IT Students in Nepal with Futuristic Solutions to Both Education and Innovation

With the main objective to provide creative and innovative students a platform to showcase the practical applications of technology that they learn in academia, Codefest is all set to bring the most out of these students.

In this event, the students participating will be given an interesting problem that they should solve within the given time frames. The main objective of Codefest 2022 is to boost inspiration, innovation, creativity, and productivity among the tech students in Nepal.

Regarding CFC’s grand event Code Fest 2022, Nirajan Chhetri, Project Leader at Code for Change shares,

“We are conducting this event to promote creativity, teamwork, and coding culture. The event will also help the students to build a network in the tech community of Nepal and help them to get exposure in the market which they lack somehow in academia.”

About Code For Change

The code for change has been organizing Hackathon for 2 years. The first hackathon was Code for change Hackathon 2018 which was conducted in different IT colleges of Kathmandu. Approximately 250 students participated in the first event, which made it a huge success. The second event was Code for Change Hackathon 2019.

It was a two-day web design workshop conducted in each college and an intra college hackathon was held. The winners from all the colleges were brought together for a grand finale which was conducted in Texas International College.

How to Participate in CodeFest 2022?

The interested students who want to join the Hackathon can visit the official website of Code for Change and register their team and their college. For further information, you can contact us on our social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Click on this link to register on CodeFest 2022 and be ready to showcase your innovative capability.

The Participating Students Will Get Highly Encouraging Rewards

  • The winner of the CodeFest 2022 will be rewarded with the prize equivalent to NPR 100000 + other gift hampers,
  • 1st runner-up will be rewarded with the prize equivalent to NPR 50000 + other gift hampers,
  • 2nd runner-up will be rewarded with the prize equivalent to NPR 25000 + other gift hampers.
  • And a category winner will be rewarded with a prize equivalent to NPR 10,000.
  • Best practical ideas can also get a chance of investment.

If you are an IT student at the undergraduate level and have an innovative idea based on information systems, CodeFest 2022 is a golden opportunity for you. You can join it and get to learn from the pool of innovative young minds.

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