After-Effects of Clean Feed Implementation in Nepal: What Lies Ahead?


Starting from Kartik 8, the government of Nepal has actively implemented a Clean Feed Policy. The clean feed is a strategy to make TV channels free from foreign advertisements of all kinds. Now that this policy is in action, no foreign ads will appear on our TV screen. Further, we’ll get a widened exposure to local ads in our native language. Isn’t it interesting to hear? Here we try to do a detailed analysis of its implementation and what might come ahead.

Short history of Clean Feed:

Plans to introduce Clean Feed started from 2073 B.S but things started taking shape when the “Advertisement Regulation Act-2076” was published. So, after years of discussions and lingering, Clean Feed is finally in the act from Kartik 8, 2077 B.S. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has also formed an advertising board to monitor the TV broadcasting system in Nepal. Moreover, a year is allocated to assemble the required equipment, manpower, and technology for further growth.

What is Clean Feed?

Clean Feed

Clean Feed is the policy of making TV channels free of foreign ads. With this, neither foreign ads nor marquee texts will appear on our TV screen. As a consequence, we’ll get to experience an uninterrupted TV service. Moreover, all foreign channels will broadcast their contents without any extra advertisements. And if they desire to broadcast ads, they must make it in the Nepali setting and Nepali language, which is less probable to happen. This implies that we’ll no more have to watch the irrelevant foreign ads popping out in our screen time and again. Similarly, TV service providers in Nepal will also not get to dub foreign ads in the Nepali language. If someone is found exploiting the rules, s/he will be dealt with according to the law.

Pros of Clean Feed:

Foreign-ad free TV service:

Till now, we were being fed with foreign channels along with foreign advertisements directly. Also, irrelevant ads of foreign brands and companies popped out subsequently which had nothing to do with Nepali viewers. But now after the implementation of Clean Feed, we’ll receive only filtered channels free from foreign ads. Preferably the ones that show interest in broadcasting their channels with Clean Feed in Nepal.

Growth of Nepali creators, products, and companies:

Similarly, with the downfall of foreign ads, Nepali ads will get a chance to flourish and reach a wide range of audiences. Before, foreign companies were airing their ads for free. This affected Nepali ads in an adverse way. So, now with Clean Feed, Nepali creators will get to expand their work and create ads in local settings. They’ll get to explore and grow more. Similarly, local brands and products will receive a good customer number. Clean Feed will not only promote local advertisements but also contribute to expanding Nepali commerce.

Cons of Clean Feed:

Hike in price of Cable TV:

Besides prior mentioned advantages, Clean Feed has some disadvantages as well. Filtering the channels and making it foreign-add free requires extra time and effort. Also, TV operators will have to pay more to foreign channels than before. So, they claim that Clean Feed raises the overall cost of cable TV. But the service will be undoubtedly amazing.

Additionally, Cable TV is in an unprofitable position because of OTT and IPTV. No limitations or regulatory rules have been assigned to OTT and IPTV. So, they are free to work and serve as before. Thus, people would definitely choose IPTV and OTT over Cable TV. This turns out to be more out of luck for Cable TV operators in Nepal.

Supply of limited foreign channels:

In the same way, there are some disadvantages to the channels supply. Clean Feed broadcasts only those channels whose supportive box are available to it. Till now supportive box of Zee TV network, Sony TV network, Discovery, and Animal Planet have arrived. Under the Zee network, 12 channels will be available. Similarly, under the Sony network, 8 channels will be available. For the time being, 12 Zee channels, 8 Sony Channels, and previously mentioned channels will only be broadcasting their contents. Conversely, popular channels like CNN, BBC, cartoon channels, and more are yet to arrive in Clean Feed.

No broadcast of EPL, IPL or any foreign events:

As Clean Feed limits the supply of channels, sports channels are still not available. This means that Nepali viewers will not get to watch EPL, IPL, or any sports event happening abroad. It’s a disappointment for the sports fanatics.

Major changes that we’ll experience with Clean Feed:

With Clean Feed, we’ll experience the foreign-add free channel supply service. We will be able to watch our favorite shows without any disturbance. Foreign ads will not appear on the screen. Only Nepali ads will be shown to us. These are some good aspects of it. On the other hand, fewer channels will be available but the price will still be high than before. This is an unsatisfactory fact about the implementation of the Clean Feed Policy. So, basically, these are the foremost changes that we’ll experience with Clean Feed.

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No matter what, Clean Feed is very important to keep things in order. TV Broadcasting System remains unmanaged without it. Therefore, let’s co-operate with this new change happening today, and let’s support our government in implementing the Clean Feed Policy successfully. But while saying so, the government also needs to be mindful about sustaining the current cable TV business. Proper studies are required to maintain the check balance between the Clean feed policy and the business of Cable TV operators in Nepal.


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