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Continuing the series of free sessions, Broadway Infosys Nepal has once again organized 3-day MERN Stack session. This time, the session will be carried out for 2 hours each day making it an overall 6-hour session. The event will be conducted by industry-leading instructors having more than a decade of experience. The whole session will be free of cost and anyone interested in Database and willing to be a MERN Stack developer can join with prior registration. The session aims to provide beginners the ability to learn, understand, operate as well as configure MERN Stack in detail along with various MERN stack tools and career opportunities.

MERN Stack: General overview

MERN stack is one of the easiest and most used JavaScript stacks for the development and deployment of full-stack web applications. This enables faster development of the entire front end as well as the back end of websites and web applications on the go without any external dependencies. MERN consists of four open-source technologies to facilitate the full stack development process from which it derived its abbreviated name. MongoDB handles the database system, Node JS conducts the back-end runtime environment, Express JS works as a back-end web framework, and React facilitates the creation of a front-end framework.

What will the session cover?

The 6-hour course will cover MERN stack development from scratch. You’ll first be familiarised with MERN basics then to full-stack development concepts, programming tools, and to MERN stack development scope, real-world usage, Similarly, approaches of Javascript open-source library and MERN stack Web development will also be taught. The session will also provide important MERN stack checklists and milestones along with a complete roadmap of MERN stack development. In addition to this, the session will also focus on the real-world usability scope and future of MERN stack development in general.

Who are eligible to participate in the session?

Broadway Infosys Nepal : MERN Stack Session - 2078 | Book your seats for free 2

As usual, there are no specific eligibility criteria for participation in this event. The event is mainly intended for Web development enthusiasts and developers but anyone who is planning to make a career in web design and development database manipulation will be highly benefited. Participants can join the event with prior registration. You’re advised to join right now as the seats for this event are limited. The free session will be provided on a First Come First Serve basis. So better Hurry up to fill the form to be a part of it!

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How to participate in the Broadway Infosys Free MERN stack session?

The session will be hosted with live interaction via Zoom. To participate in the event, first, you have to register by filling up the form provided below. Upon successful registration, you’ll be mailed further details regarding NO COST MERN stack session – 2078 by Broadway Infosys Nepal.

Broadway Infosys NO COST MERN stack Session Details

Title: No cost MERN stack session
Host: Broadway Infosys Nepal
Event date: 16 to 18 Asar 2078 (30 June to 2 July 2021)
Event Time: 10 AM to 12 PM

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