For the First Time in Nepal, Apply for IPO Through Mobile Banking App: An Initiation by NIC Asia Bank


NIC Asia Bank has introduced a brand new service for the first time in Nepalese banking industry. Now you can apply for IPO openings through its mobile banking app. The customers of NIC Asia bank having their bank account or DEMAT account in this bank can simply apply for the IPO through NIC ASIA MoBank or its website. .

Mr Roshan Kumar Neupane, CEO of NIC Asia Bank shared about this through his Facebook page on Sunday. Till date, the investors would either apply for shares in the primary market through MeroShare portal of CDSC or by filling up the C-ASBA form in the bank. However, now for the first time in Nepal, they can apply for the IPOs through a mobile banking app.

How to Apply for IPO through NIC Asia MoBank App?

This service is applicable only for the mobile banking users of NIC Asia bank. The bank’s customers can contact to the bank to get their mobile banking service and enjoy this service. Then, they can follow these steps to apply for newly issued shares or debentures through this app or website.

  1. Open the NIC Asia MoBank app
  2. Click on “Apply Share” option
  3. Select the companies which have newly issued IPOs
  4. Then fill up the units you would like to apply for
  5. Confirm your other information that automatically appear there
  6. Then accept the terms and condition of the issuing company and then click on “Submit”
  7. Your application would be applied

First Commercial Bank to Introduce IPO Application Service via Mobile Banking App

NIC Asia is the fastest growing commercial bank in Nepal with its new services being added time and again. As a result, it is in the 24th year of operation and is serving its customers through 356 branches, 70 extension counters 80 branchless banking and 471 ATMs across the country. With the introduction of this new service, it is becoming the first bank in Nepal to allow applying for IPOs through the mobile banking app.

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Along with these services, it has focused on digitization of banking services to a greater extent. On top of that, it has introduced this service to relieve the bank’s customers from physically visiting the bank to apply for the new opening of shares or debentures. In this way, its customers can apply for the IPOs from anywhere, irrespective of banking hours. Additionally, it saves their time, money and effort since they do not need to travel to the bank’s office and fill up the paper form. Moreover, this service would surely ease the customers as it provides multiple services in a single app.


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