Amazon’s Zoox Unveils its First Ride-Hailing Electric Robotaxi


Zoox has recently inaugurated a self-driving vehicle which will be the first ride-hailing Robotaxi by Amazon. This vehicle is being designed for the convenience of riders.

Traits of Robo taxi

Zoox Inc the self-driving startup which is in ownership of Amazon has manufactured a fully autonomous electric vehicle for ride-hailing that can drive night and day on a single charge. It has a motor at each end and it travels in either direction and maxes out at 120 kilometers per hour and can carry as many as four passengers in it.

Ride-hailing Robo taxi has been developed to create a cleaner, safer, and to provide a delightful experience for people to move around cities. It’s a reinvention of personal transportation. It is bi-directional, symmetrical while being completely autonomous and it is designed for riders, not for drivers.

Safety has been made one of the most important parameters in this vehicle, and achieving it in a quantifiable way is something Zoox has prioritized on. Though the vehicle has completed its design phase it hasn’t been put into operation. Once it has been put into practice for the usage of public it will surely provide an advantage for cities and in terms of transportation infrastructure.

Self-riding, autonomous vehicles have been gaining a lot of popularity over the last several years. This Robo taxi is sophisticated looking and has been made economical so that the customers can easily access it. This vehicle can give a neck to neck competition to other ride-hailing service providers out there.

Perks of Robo taxi

Zoox earlier this year has been issued a permit from California regulators for driverless authorization. This vehicle will also be reducing emissions and pollution by reducing transport energy consumption, it will also contribute to improving the fuel economy, assist in increasing lane capacity, mitigate congestion, and enhance overall transport interconnectivity. This will be a great mobility option for young, disabled, and elderly users since it will be providing them assurance while helping them regaining independence. Zoox has global ambition about their Robo taxi. In addition to that, they also have the vision to launch its ride-hailing services eventually in other countries.

Reimagination of transportation has brought this vision of autonomous vehicles into reliance. Seeing the budding demand and need of consumers it would be appropriate to say that the future of mobility is autonomous transportation like this.


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