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Vivo is a world-famous Chinese technology company owned by BBK electronics (a multi-national conglomerate that owns companies like Realme and OnePlus along with Vivo). It is almost a decade since the company, Vivo started addressing basic requirements of average weighed people and manufacturing phone models accordingly. Securing its name among the top 10 famous smartphone companies, Vivo seems yet to have another sensational era secured for it.

Keeping its pricing honest and features average, Vivo has gained the attention of a large mass in Nepal as well. As most of us come from a middle-class background, we prefer buying stuff that meets our needs and fits in our budget and Vivo mobile phone is one of them. Its affordable, durable, handy and has some exciting camera features along with some beautiful color variant per phone model. So, undoubtedly Vivo mobile phone houses perfectly with we Nepalese.

  • Company: Triveni Group                                               
  • Address: Ramshah Path, Ktm 
  • Tel: 01-4224074                                           
  • Email:

Other companies: Apex Manakamana and Cellucity are also Vivo’s authorized distributors in Nepal.

Without any further a due let’s dive into details of several Vivo Smartphones. Here we present you the Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal, Specs, Features, and Availability.

Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal:

Model Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal (MRP) 
Vivo Y90NPR. 14,490
Vivo Y91c 2020NPR. 14,999
Vivo Y11 2019NPR. 18,590
Vivo Y20NPR. 20,990 (3+64GB)
NPR. 22,799 (4+64GB)
Vivo Y12NPR. 21,590
Vivo Y15NPR. 24,190
Vivo Y20sNPR. 24,499
Vivo Y17NPR. 25,190
Vivo Y30NPR. 23,499 (4+64GB)
NPR. 25,999 (4+128GB)
Vivo Y51NPR. 33,499
Vivo S1 ProNPR. 36,790
Vivo V20 SENPR. 37,999
Vivo V17 ProNPR. 52,490
Vivo V19NPR. 45,999
Vivo V20NPR. 47,990

This completes our list of Vivo Mobile Price in Nepal, Specs, and Features. Thank You!


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