Sunrise Bank bags Mobile Banking Leader award


Sunrise Bank Ltd has been awarded the Mobile Banking Leader award in the mobile payment sector. The bank has been providing innovative services and convenient mobile payments. In a short time, the institution has rapidly increased the number of customers transacting through mobile banking for which it was recognized as Mobile Banking Leader.

Sunrise Bank bags Mobile Banking Leader award 1
Biswas Dhakal presents award to Sunrise bank’s CEO, Janak Sharma Poudel

Mobile banking service provider, F1Soft International’s President, Biswas Dhakal presented the award to Sunrise bank’s CEO, Janak Sharma Poudel amidst a program on Friday. Sunrise Bank family is proud to be the first bank to receive this recently announced an award in the digital payment sector.

With 152 ATMs, 130 branches, over 2,000 merchant networks, 8,000 remittance agents, the bank serves over 6 lakhs customers nationally and internationally and has established itself as a leader in the mobile payment sector.

With the aim to encourage customers to transact digitally, the bank has been providing services such as Debit/credit cards, mobile banking, internet banking, and other modern instruments. Sunrise Bank has also collaborated with business and corporate houses, hotels, hospitals to provide discounts, cashback and other attractive schemes for digitally transacting customers. 


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