Study Group Introduces Job Ready Programme to Nepalese Students Studying Abroad


To help Nepalese students studying abroad reach their career ambitions, leading global international education provider Study Group has extended its Job Ready programme to Nepalese students studying across various universities in the US and the UK. 

Study Group’s Job Ready programme has been designed specifically to support Nepalese students to develop key transferable skills to increase their chances of securing a job, enabling them to earn whilst they learn and to access global employment opportunities once they graduate. Study Group will cover the cost of the service for all students who confirm their place at a UK International Study Centre or US International College.

By partnering with a range of global universities, including Lancaster University (England), Teesside University (England), University of Aberdeen (Scotland) and DePaul University (Chicago), Study Group will provide valuable skills that will increase the student’s ability to develop work experience whilst they study and help them to secure future employment. 

Study Group students will receive educational materials and support for CV writing and profile presentation, will benefit from interview coaching and mock interviews, and upon completion of the programme will be eligible to receive dedicated assistance in securing up to three interview opportunities with potential employers. Interviews will be conducted for companies located close to the students’ chosen International Study Centre or International College.

Srini Bandara, Regional Director for South Asia at Study Group says:

“The Job Ready Programme is a fantastic initiative from Study Group, designed to ensure that Nepalese students are ‘work-ready’ once they complete their higher education course. Nepalese students have the chance to build knowledge and expertise in their chosen field of study, alongside developing professional core competencies and relevant work experience as soon as they come to the UK, enhancing their future employment prospects. As a result, they will also be in a strong position to fill skills gaps in the Nepalese workforce.” 

Study Group’s employability offerings include ‘Prepare for Success,’ ‘Job Ready’ and ‘Virtual Internships.’ These innovative strategic initiatives have been established to enable learners to seamlessly progress to UK or US universities and gain the key employability skills needed to thrive in a 21st Century workplace:

Prepare for Success:

An online programme that supports students to acquire the language, life and learning skills to transition from home to overseas study effectively. As a direct result of the programme, 82% of learners enrolled in the course felt sufficiently prepared to start their academic studies.

Job Ready:

Nepalese students can earn while they learn, to develop key transferable skills and gain valuable work experience while they study in the UK, with Study Group’s free employability service.

Virtual internships:

Study Group has partnered with Virtual Internships Partners Ltd. to offer Nepalese students’ online internships and international work placements across 70+ countries and over 40+ industries. Virtual Internships works alongside over 4,000 companies worldwide to enable thousands of students to develop their skills via remote internships professionally.

About Study Group: 

Study Group’s mission is to be the leading provider of international education and its vision is to build a better world through education.    

Study Group partners with 34 universities worldwide, to deliver academic pathway programmes (e.g., Foundation Year, International Year 1/Diploma and Pre-Masters courses), which broaden access to high quality, global Higher Education opportunities for thousands of international students every year, across all subject areas.  

Over the past 25 years, we have established a market-leading position in the international education sector, by developing partnerships with universities in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America, focused on supporting successful student progression to higher education and employment. Our partners include leading ‘Russell Group’ UK universities and ‘Group of Eight’ Australian Higher Education Institutions. Study Group is currently the Global Education Investor Awards Pathway Company of the Year.     

Insendi, a leading-edge education technology company, is now an integral part of Study Group. Insendi’s education technology expertise enables Study Group to deliver transformative experiential, intuitive and accessible online learning experiences for students with the best, most pedagogically powerful digital tools available.


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