Sikai Chautari: Nepal Government’s Online Learning Platform


The COVID-19 pandemic has shattered the education system in Nepal. To keep things going on, it is needed to quickly start adapting the alternatives to our traditional system. The change in this whole system is not that easy and is not possible overnight. But still, we cannot just sit and do nothing. It is today’s necessity to at least make efforts to adapt to the situation. Concerning this situation, the government has released an E-learning platform called ‘Sikai Chautari‘.

What is Sikai Chautari?

Sikai Chautari: Nepal Government's Online Learning Platform 2

The UI of the site is customized conveniently. You can choose a particular class and access the learning materials provided. The learning materials are available for classes (1-10), including early grade reading(EGR). Sikai Chautari can be accessed in two different languages, i.e., Nepali and English. The languages are only for the website content; the learning materials are the same. Since this is a government platform, teaching materials for LKG, UKG, and nursery graders aren’t available. We can expect the inclusion of E-learning materials for these lower classes, including +2 and other higher-level faculties.

The overall learning materials include interactive games and stories, audiobooks, videos, PDF of different books but subjects like social studies are yet to be added.

The learning portal consists of the following subjects in different classes to date.

  • Early grade reading(EGR): Nepali, workbook, audiobooks, interactive games and stories.
  • Grade 1: Maths, English, science & health, Nepali, workbook.
  • Grade 2: Maths, English, Nepali, science & health and workbook
  • Grade 3: Maths, English, Nepali, science & health and workbook
  • Grade 4: Maths, English, Nepali, science & health
  • Grade 5: Maths, English, science & health
  • Grade 6: Maths, English, science & environment
  • Grade 7: Maths, English, science & environment
  • Grade 8: Maths, English, science & environment
  • Grade 9: science, maths
  • Grade 10: science, maths, English

The economically weak students can access PDF books from Sikai Chautari. The interactive games and stories keep the lower grade students engaged in studying. The students are supposed to keep the habit of E-learning and utilizing the available resources even after the pandemic situation. This is a good initiation for the digitization of the educational system in Nepal. The government should allocate budget in smart learning and bring changes in the traditional educational system for better learning. Another positive aspect of Sikai Chautari is that even the students or parents who aren’t handy with smartphones and laptops can have ease while using it. The learning materials are presented with big icons and catchy titles. The site is customized in such a way that the end-users can access the learning materials effortlessly.

Initiation of Digital Education in Nepal?

So how can we utilize it after the pandemic? The schools can teach the students referencing Sikai Chautari. They can give assignments and projects in reference to E-learning platforms. The initiative of launching Sikai Chautari is a right step towards digitalization. If schools are focused on E-learning the learning will be more effective in today’s scenario where the whole world is moving in that direction.

As it is said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, the whole educational system can’t be changed within a short period. Lots of awareness programs and more Budget allocation in E-learning are required is coming days for this to move further. All the probable factors are likely to be fulfilled since the government’s attention is shifting towards digitization in the current scenario. We can expect some strong agendas from the stakeholders regarding E-learning materials.

Techsathi highly appreciates the initiative of the government launching the E-learning platform in such a difficult time. So, what do you expect from the government? Comment down your opinions and possibilities in the sector of E-learning platforms like Sikai Chautari.

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