Recharge using NIC Asia MoBank and Get 1GB Free Data on your Smart Sim

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Whilst we’re all staying home and maintaining social distancing, the consumption of the internet has surged massively. From streaming Netflix videos to attending online classes, everything is associated with internet connectivity. The ISPs have been doing their bit to ensure connectivity but many of us have been suffering from faulty connection issues. Also, all of us may not have an ISP connection. Keeping this in mind, NIC Asia MoBank has brought a really thoughtful offer.

NIC Asia MoBank

Considering this, data packages from network telecoms have also grown in popularity during this period. The 4G data connection is currently the best one regarding speed, if available. Network operators in the country have been providing various data package offers for the aid of their customers. Data packages have now become cheaper than ever to facilitate users during this lockdown period. When it comes to data packages, we all know that SmartCell is a bit more favorable with their amazing offers. With regards to that NIC Asia Bank has teamed up with SmartCell to launch yet another whopping offer.

NIC Asia Bank has announced that users who recharge their Smart SIM using NIC Asia’s Mobile Banking Service will receive a 1GB data pack for free. The only other condition here is that the recharge amount should be above Rs100. This scheme surely does justice to their tag line of #BankPaniSathiPani. Besides the additional 1GB free data you’ll also receive lucrative bonus offers from SmartCell itself when you top-up your balance.

How To Topup Online to enjoy this offer?

You simply need to download the NIC Asia Mobank App or use your NIC Asia Mobile Banking service in the SmartCell Online Recharge Link to enjoy this offer. Also, note that the recharge balance should be above Rs100.

Digital Payment The Future?

Instead of recharging through recharge cards or other mediums, this scheme encourages people to recharge through NIC Asia’s Mobile Banking App. This in place is also a considerable effort by NIC Asia Bank to promote digital payment under the current circumstances. Not only it is safe but it also brings to you more benefits. Either be topping up balance or shopping for groceries and medicines, digital payment is gaining quite the attention. The ongoing scenario has also made it ever so clear that it is going to have a substantial impact in the future. So, we suggest you better shift to the digital payment systems if you haven’t already.


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