Oliz Store’s 3rd Outlet Opens in Itahari; First Flagship Store in East Nepal


Oliz Store’s 3rd outlet has recently opened in Itahari, Sunsari. This outlet is the first of its flagship stores in East Nepal.

Since 2007, it has been supplying genuine products of popular brands. Oliz Store is mostly known for supplying Apple products. Apart from Apple, it supplies other brands like:

They sell topmost brands like:

  • DJI
  • GoPro
  • KEF
  • JBL
  • BOYA
  • INSTA360
Oliz Store Outlet

Let us know more about Oliz Store’s Ecosystem

Oliz Store is supplying genuine products ranging from Apple’s iPhone, Macbook to DJI drones. It has a wide variety of products under the sections like Electronics, Video/ PhotoGraphy, Home Theatre, Smartphone, and EV products.

Among these categories, there is an array of products like:

  • Apple Products (9 MAC Products, 11 iPhone products, 12 iPAD products, 9 iPhone cases)
  • Electronics ( Adapters and cables, smart watches and wearables, routers, power supply chargers etc.)
  • Video/ Photograpy (DJI drones, studio Lights, accessories, ring lights, instant film camera, gimbal, smartphone stabilizers, action cameras, GoPro, 360)
  • Smartphone brands like Vertu, One Plus, Realme)

Oliz Store is planning to open its fourth outlet in Birtamode too

After its recent opening of the third outlet, Oliz store is planning to open its another outlet in Birtamode too. Oliz Store’s 3rd Outlet will cater genuine products to the people of east Nepal along with supplying with the maintenance services.

With this, Oliz Store is all set to capture the market of genuine suppliers of gadgets and electronic products through its showrooms:

  • Babarmahal
  • Rising Mall
  • Itahari
  • Birtamode (Launching soon)

Moreover, Oliz Store supplies EVs as well

Yes, Oliz Stores not only sells electronic accessories and gadgets but also sells electronic vehicles as well. If you go through the EV section on its website, you will find the list of EVs like:

  • Self-balancing scooter
  • Kickscooter
  • GoKart
  • eScooter
  • eBike
  • eBike accessories

Oliz Store’s Itahari outlet will also have charging stations for EVs of brands like Tesla, MG and Kona

Oliz Store is expanding its dealership to other brands and products as well. Hence, it is also exploring the ecosystem of EV.

There are a handful of names that are producing EVs inside Nepal. The most popular name is Yatri motorcycles.

Similarly, a new dealership of Segway EVs from China has opened in Nepal. It is led by Lokesh Oli, who is also known as Bijuli Dai.

Oliz Store's 3rd Outlet Opens in Itahari; First Flagship Store in East Nepal 1

Nepal is also getting its own homegrown EVs. Along with that, we are also getting international popular EV brands like Tesla.

Interestingly, the US electric vehicle giant Tesla has entered the Nepali market before in India.

Since the oil supply is decreasing around the world, fueling inflation in Nepal too, the use of EVs is the most applicable solution for both economy and the environment. Sooner or later, Nepal will also surely adopt EVs on a larger scale. Since we are dependent upon imported petroleum, we can utilize hydroelectricity and other power sources in Nepal such that the import cost will also be reduced. Moreover, we can utilize the available resources of our country and provide freedom in mobility.

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