Do you enjoy streaming videos and watching entertaining films online? If yes, then NepalFlix could be your one-stop destination for all Nepalese video content. They are soon bringing you the latest and the best movies, music videos, series, and original content! The contents of the NepalFlix are categorized into different categories such as movies, music, and sports. Currently, this platform has a YouTube channel available under the authority of Bongo Nepal.

About NepalFlix

NepalFlix is a video streaming platform that allows viewers to enjoy Nepali Movies, Music, and Videos. The platform is available in both English and Nepali languages.

About Bongo Studios

Bongo Studios is the fastest-growing MCN in Southeast Asia and a community of the most creative and independent content producers. They nurture talent and optimize content strategies for growth and monetization. Bongo creates an advertiser-friendly ecosystem that allows brands to reach niche audiences through the trusted voice of their favorite influencer.

What is Bongo?

Bongo is Bangladesh’s largest digital entertainment network with a wide network of content creators, brand-rich verticals, channels with millions of followers and subscribers across their network.

Bongo MCN Client Services

1. Optimization

By using Bongo MCN services, clients can enhance discoverability by leveraging SEO support and crafting compelling titles. Not only does it improve the algorithm by incorporating carefully researched tags but also by getting Keyword Suggestions. They will also help you gauge competition, search volume,
and recommended terms alongside your selected keywords. Finally, they will help with developing playlists to make sure that your channel is cohesive and organized.

2. Monetization

Bongo MCN also helps in monetization by driving traffic from countries with high CPM. It maximizes the usage of ad inventory (higher fill rate) and procures sponsorship deals to create branded content. If you become part of their MCN Ads Network, you will get more ads from the partner brands (local and international).

3. Content Protection

Likewise, protect your content from piracy using an automated Content ID System through Bongo MCN services. Bongo MCN offers round-the-clock access to legal assistance. They enable you to set any policy (track, block or monetize) to claim UGC content and revenue from UGC content. It also protects content from dubious ownership disputes/reference claims.

4. Marketing

Marketing is another MCN client service offered by Bongo. It cross promotes your channel in the network and enables collaboration opportunities amongst their creators. It also cross-promotes in other social media platforms leveraging their strong presence. Moreover, the company’s marketing experts will design effective engagement strategies for efficient marketing.

Some Bongo Nepal Channels

  • Aaha TV – 791K subs
  • Nepalflix – 166K subs
  • News Filmy – 479K subs
  • Shiva Pariyar – 358K subs
  • Random Nepali – 142K subs
  • Nepali Prank Minister – 633K subs
  • Artmandu – 140K subs
  • Girish Khatiwada – 368K subs
  • Ur Style TV Network – 434K subs
  • OSR Movies – 208K subs

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