Nepal Telecom to Launch Nationwide WiFi Service


Nepal Telecom, countries very own telecommunication company has recently come up with an amazing venture idea. This is a venture included in NT’s coming fiscal year 2077/78 annual program as the first phase. Here, the telecommunication service will be providing Nepal telecom wifi services to the ward offices throughout the nation.

This preliminary purpose of this initiative is to develop the telecommunication services of the nation in the most advanced way feasible. To make that possible, Nepal Telecom will be combining a special device that will connect the BTS tower wirelessly in the ward. By doing so, the service user will be able to use both telephone service and WiFi service concurrently.

Nepal Telecom, Nationwide WiFi Service

How it operates:

This particular equipment is supposedly the phone based on VoLTE service. It’s basically creating more spectrum bandwidth to use for 4G.

VoLTE service is a landline phone-centric WiFi service which will have a separate port for the telephone to allow regular calls as well. This service will be launched by Nepal Telecom shortly.

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Moreover, we know that this device comprises a SIM card, which will have a longer digits number than the regular numbers. Also, the number will begin from the code of the district. Furthermore, this facility will be available to the ward office immediately and not to the public.

This is due to limited resources which the 4G tower bandwidth cannot serve. If made available for the public, the high-traffic will create a bandwidth crunch for mobile users and compromise the quality of the service. So, to avoid such mishaps, they have this current plan only for the ward offices. The focus here is more on quality than accessibility which might create a great impact on system operation.

We also recently came to know that Nepal Telecom stopped the WiMAX service in Nepal after eight years of operation. This closure was solely due to many complications along with the interference from Jio.

So, the people who have been the WiMAX will not be able to have WiFi facility for a while in their respective areas. However, NTC does have some strategies to substitute the fixed CDMA phones and the ineffective WiMAX service in the case of remote areas. So, hopefully, this problem won’t last for a long-run.

Benefits of this initiation:

Nepal Telecom wifi service will include various benefits in the ward-offices, some of them are:

  • No compromisation in WiFi quality due to the tower’s distance as the device will be equipped with both 800 MHz (Band 20) and 1800 MHz (Band 3) spectrum.
  • Dual functioning: Telephone and WiFi Internet service.
  • Fast internet: the internet speed will be equal to that of 4G because it uses the 4G network.
  • Faster and better internet of up to 100 Mbps.
  • Availability: (Band 3 And Band 20) will result in better availability
  • Reliable services: With each spectrum band providing speed above 70 Mbps and Band 20, it will have better signal reach.
  • 10 Mbps bandwidth allocation for each connection.

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