Ncell Brings “Mero Plan” with Attractive Data and Voice Packs


There are various offers in the market from different Telecom Service Providers in Nepal. Now, Ncell has also come up with “Mero Plan” with attractive monthly Data and Voice Packs. Sometimes your actual balance gets used up when you have reached the service limit but this time Ncell says once your pack limitation has been reached they will stop the data service so that your actual balance doesn’t get deducted. If you want, you can switch to other Plans even if you have already subscribed to one of the offerings. This plan starts at Asoj 1 2076 (September 18).

Ncell Brings "Mero Plan" with Attractive Data and Voice Packs 1

There are five plans named Plan 199, Plan 299, Plan 499, Plan 799 and Plan 999. You can subscribe to any of these plans and enjoy the services at a lower rate. Further elaboration of the plans:

You can subscribe to Plan 199 at the price of Rs.254.1. Although named Plan 199 the cost is exclusive of tax so when you have to pay, the subscription amount is Rs.254.1 (inclusive of tax). In this plan, the available data for usage is 1 GB. If you use this data before the stipulated time of 1 month then you can subscribe to the additional pack of 1 GB at the price of 89.38 (inclusive of tax).

The subscription rate of Plan 299 is Rs.381.79 (including tax). If you subscribe to this pack you can get 3GB of data. Again if you use up the pack before 30 days then you can subscribe to the additional pack of 2GB at the price of Rs.127.69 (including tax).

So, the data available for Plan 499 is 6 GB at the cost of Rs.637.17 (including tax). If the data is used up before the valid date then you can subscribe to the additional pack of 3 GB at Rs.191.54.

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Plan 799 comes at the rate of Rs.1020 (inclusive of tax) for 15 GB data. Additional pack of 7GB can be subscribed to at the rate of 383.07, only if you have finished your initial subscription pack before 30 days.

So, if you need a much higher data pack then Plan 999 is the one for you which comes at the rate of 1275.62 and the available data here is 25 GB. If this pack has been used up before 30 days then an additional pack of 10GB can be subscribed to at the price of Rs.510.76.

How can you subscribe to Mero Plan?

For the initial pack Just dial *302# on your phone and choose the pack that is most suitable for you and for the additional data packs, you can dial *17123#.

After 30 days your plan will be renewed only if you have sufficient balance. If you don’t have sufficient balance then you get back to using the service at a standard rate. You can cancel your subscription by sending D to 302 or dial *302#.


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