Nepal government has initiated a plan to regulate smartphones operating inside the country in the national budget for the fiscal year 2078-79. With the introduction of a mobile device management system, Nepal government hopes to nullify the grey market of smartphones. After the complete implementation of the MDMS, mobile phones brought illegally cannot be operated inside the country. 

What is Mobile Device Management System?

Mobile Device Management System is a government system which keeps a record of all the smartphone operated inside the country. It is the centralized system which records the unique ID of smartphones i.e IMEI numbers. After the implementation of MDMS, official distributors and importers must register device IMEI to the system before the sale of smartphones. Devices registered on the government’s system are only eligible to access the national telecom operator’s network. The system will be able to trace and disable non-registered devices ultimately preventing unauthorized import of mobile phones in the country. 

Why Mobile Device Management System? 

Government is planning to incorporate MDMS to neutralize the grey smartphone market of Nepal which comprises roughly 25%. The system will greatly help to maintain financial regulation in smartphones in the country. Government can collect 13% VAT and 2.5% excise duty from the imported smartphones and put the money to secure smartphones inside the country. MDMS provides legality to smartphones and makes them secure. On the top of that, if you lose your phone you can easily find it after registering it on MDMS.

What if my smartphone is brought from abroad?

Reaching this point you might wonder, “what about the phones brought from abroad?” Well, you need not worry about that. As soon as you receive the phone in Nepal you can manually register your phone’s IMEI to MDMS by paying a nominal fee. Once your phone is registered to the system you can use your phone normally. 

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