Major Bank of Nepal, Nepali Congress data threatened to be hacked


After the recent data leaks of Vianet, yesterday yet another data leak was done by an anonymous hacker by the name of SATAN on twitter. The hacker claimed that he wasn’t behind the Vianet data leak and was a different person. Later on, he also went on to tweet that if the wrong person gets caught for the Vianet data leak then he will be exposing the actual person who was behind the Vianet leaks.

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Through twitter, this anonymous hacker first tweeted at Prabhu Money Transfer Nepal telling them that he had informed about their system lacking security but they hadn’t respond. He also said that if they don’t fix it by 8 pm then he will do a demo leak showing their lack of security. The screenshot of the tweet is posted below.

Prabhu Money Transfer Nepal didn’t respond and hence 410 Data of Users of Prabhu Money Transfer were leaked by the hacker as a part of the demo which included Name, Email, Phone Number, and IP address.  Although the hack hasn’t yet been confirmed by Prabhu Money Transfer Nepal when many people started saying it was fake this was the response from the hacker.

Later, however, Prabhu Money Transfer responded through their twitter handle to the hacker and then he deleted the leaked data.

Furthermore, the hacker has said that his next target is going to be Nepali Congress. He tweeted out to the Nepali Congress twitter handle telling them to secure their data including all donations and other information else they will get leaked.

The hacker also claims that he isn’t someone against the country. He is just trying to make people aware about the lack of data security present in our country.  

Lastly, the hacker has warned to leak/hack one of the most vulnerable bank of our country after notifying them today.

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