Learn Java: Resources to Learn Java?


Why learn Java? What are the best resources to learn how to code in Java?

We have been asked to do tutorials on android apps development. Before we do that. Let’s start with core Java. For simplicity’s sake, let’s just say you will need Java to makes awesome apps. Unless of course, you want to use something like “MIT app inventor” and “MIT app inventor 2” which can be a good start for developing simple android apps without actually coding.

Resources to learn Java

Well, to be honest, you can write your android apps with Python or C++ or the language you’re comfortable with. But as much as that is a cool thing to do. You’re just getting yourself into a lot of trouble for no reason. With Java being extensively used for android. All the cool libraries that are regularly used for the android app are available for it. Java is a no-brainer when it comes to android. So, the question on hand is, what are the best resources to learn Java from?

And Java isn’t limited to android development. You can create cool desktop applications, web applications but you might prefer something like Django or rails for web apps.

Anyways, enough chit-chat. Let’s begin our list.

Book resources

  1. Head first Java: I’ll begin the list with a couple of book resources. Head first Java is a good beginner’s book. Book’s humorous approach is designed to make readers hooked and make tedious process of coding fun. It would be a good resource to start coding if Java intimidates you.
    Head First Java, 2nd Edition
  2. Java The Complete Reference : The Complete reference is as the name suggests is a reference book of Java. It’s the best reference book out there. It’s a good book to have to brush up the things you learn in Java.
    Java: The Complete Reference, Ninth Edition

Online Resources

  1. The New Boston : Bucky is the best Java tutor on youtube. His tutorials might seem a bit dated but as a beginner, it’s enough to get you started.
  2. Cave of Programming : Cave of programming is another proper youtube Java tutor. He is very beginner friendly.
  3. Derek Banas: With iMovie and some old screen recording software, Derek makes awesome programming tutorials. His Java series can help you a lot while learning the language.
  4. Oracle: Oracle Java tutorials are made and arranged by Oracle itself for anybody who wants to learn their trademark language.
    The Java™ Tutorials
  5. Stack overflow: Stack overflow is a community of programmers who are always ready to help you whenever you get stuck somewhere while programming. Just make your questions precise and not vague though as they are very strict about it. Newest ‘java’ Questions
  6. Reddit: You can Reddit to learn Java. There are various subreddits dedicated to the topic. The discussion forum style to Reddit can enable more experienced programmers help you along the way.  Learn Java * /r/learnjava
  7. Programming By Doing: Compiled by CS professor. Programming by Doing has a list of practice tests which will help you apply the knowledge. It has a simple principle of you learn what you do.
    Programming by Doing
  8. CodeAcademy: CodeAcademy provides you a compiler and on the go tutorials which help you learn while coding. It has a nice interface. It’s very interactive web application to learn how to program. Learn Java

Apart from these resources, you can always Google. Happy Java programming! 🙂


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