COVID-19 Outbreak: Kathmandu Startups to host First Live Conference for Nepali Startup Founders


Businesses have been hit hard with the COVID-19 outbreak. Many companies have shut down whereas others have been using the work from a home portfolio. Although, this might work to quite an extent but still with lockdowns and fears of the virus spreading it is really difficult for businesses to provide their product or service.

For instance, if you are an owner of a bookstore or maybe even an online bookstore how are you going to deliver the book to your customer during a lockdown. Another example could be of food delivery services, how to deliver food to customers with lockdowns enforced and customers being fearful of eating from outside or coming in contact with the person delivering the food.

Companies both large scale and small scale have been impacted by this to a hefty proportion. Some companies in our country itself have come up with some interesting ideas to deal with these problems like the use of sanitizers while delivering, giving out masks to employees and so on. Even though we have seen some efforts by companies come through there is still a lot to think about on the way forward to dealing with this outburst.

First Live Online Conference for Nepali Startup Founders: Kathmandu Startups

Kathmandu Startups

Since such challenges have been emerging for almost all the businesses with the outbreak of COVID-19. In the wake of such issues arising for businesses, Kathmandu Startups is organizing the first live online conference for Nepali Startup founders. This is an effort to bring together members of different startups and companies to discuss the issues their companies have been facing due to the COVID-19 outbreak and what measures can be put forth in resolving these issues as well as keeping the interests and safety of everyone involved in mind. If you too are involved in a startup or have any noteworthy ideas worth sharing you can join this online conference by filling up the registration form given below:


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