IMS Group Invests in SmartDoko, A Nepali eCommerce Platform


IMS Group is a conglomerate that is popular nationwide as the authorized distributor of Samsung smartphones in Nepal. This company was the first to officially import mobile phones in the country. Since its activation date, the company has succeeded in bringing significant changes in the field of multimedia and e-commerce in Nepal. This time, IMS Group is investing in SmartDoko.

IMS Group Invests in SmartDoko, A Nepali eCommerce Platform 1

SmartDoko is one of Nepal’s successful e-commerce companies. It has been providing people with good service for nearly five years with good feedback as of today. IMS investing in SmartDoko is like two brilliant students helping each other so that they get to exchange their perspectives and bring out their best from within.

As both companies are best in their respective sectors, they are now trying to provide the costumers with better service experience and SmartDoko is allowing IMS to make some changes in its service policies. The president & CEO of IMS Group has even stated that the company will enhance the service quality, ease the purchasing procedure, and try its best to bring out the best of it. The companies are paying attention to both positive and negative feedbacks and they promise to answer queries of the people optimistically. They seem to be looking forward to hearing good responses from the customers of SmartDoko. Moreover, they also give a hint that a new logo of SmartDoko could be officially coming out soon. This news has created excitement among the SmartDoko users as they are soon going to experience something fresh and new.

The year 2020 has been chaotic. To cope with this situation, people are now shifting to purchasing online goods more often. Keeping this fact in mind, the IMS group has come up with a profitable business deal with SmartDoko which is likely to turn beneficial for all three parties (the two companies and the customers). IMS Group’s investment on SmartDoko will surely give preference and encouragement to the enhancement of digitalization in Nepali e-commerce and undoubtedly our online business platforms will be taking their next step towards the summit of success.


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