Huawei AppGallery is Now Third Largest App Store, Says Huawei

Huawei AppGallery is Now Third Largest App Store, Says Huawei 1
HUAWEI AppGallery: Top 3 Application Store Worldwide

Recently, in a press release published by Huawei shortly after the official unveiling of the Mate Xs and MatePad Pro 5G, a plan of spending up to 1B$ to increase its developer database and to strengthen its AppGallery was presented. Huawei also claimed that the online app-store has 400 million users, which would make it the third-largest online app-store. The figure is being broadcasted as a marketing strategy, but that doesn’t deny the fact that Huawei’s success has been booming. Even with that number, Huawei has a tough competition to be on the top since Google Play Store has 1 billion active monthly users since 2015.

Huawei AppGallery is Now Third Largest App Store, Says Huawei 2

Huawei doesn’t seem to be that affected even with the heavy sanctions the US has enacted on it. In fact, the White House ban on Huawei turned out to be a widespread marketing campaign for Huawei. Well, the people say, “No publicity is bad publicity”.

As opposed to the US’ anticipation, the success of Huawei seems unscathed. The US did drop a market for its own product within the borders. But a market for technology as small as the US hasn’t been able to dent Huawei’s money flow that much. Huawei will unveil the P40 series at a launch event in Paris, France on March 26, where we expect yet another push for the AppGallery.

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It’s expected that Huawei will launch P40 pro with popular applications pre-installed on the device as an attempt to ease the discomfort caused by the lack of Google play store. The US technological dominance continues to be threatened, the battle for technological valor remains and the world cheers for the underdog as always. 


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