Huawei and China Mobile Deployed 5G Network to Mt. Everest Basecamp


As we already know by now, 5G is the future of network communications. In the foreseeable future, 3G and 4G will be all replaced by 5G, if everything goes right. Not to mention that it is going to be a major game-changer in networking. Therefore, efforts have already been started to be made for this inevitable upgrade. The breaking news is now 5G is available in Mount Everest. Yes, you read it right. After 3G was set up in the base camp back in 2010, the region has been having slow network improvements. But this is a step into the future.

5G in Everest

China Mobile teamed up with Huawei to make this all possible. Their team of 150 people was able to set up the network against major odds. It was surely not an easy task to set up 5G at a place as remote as Everest. The geographical and technical difficulties along with other obstacles must have been enormous for the people involved in the task. It is quite an astonishing and highly respectable feat that they have achieved. This will be a major boost for the area and especially the climbers. Consequently, it has paved the way for 5G in Nepal and also done a great deal for the tourism sector.

According to them, the network can provide a download speed of up to 1GB per second.  As of now, the 5G network has been established successfully in one of three planned stations in the Everest. After the completion of the other two points, the network will also be available at the summit. The 5G network is set to formally begin from 25th April.


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