Green PIN System: Change Your ATM PIN with Added Security


One of the most approved way to secure your cards is by changing your PIN time and again. Since hackers mostly aim at ATM machines and cards, the users need to stay alert while using their cards. Changing the PIN is a crucial act of securing your cards, be it an ATM card or debit/credit cards.

In Nepal, most of the commercial banks have already allowed their users to change their PIN by themselves through their mobile banking app or via ATM booths. Some banks even require the users to contact the branches to regenerate the PIN. However, Green PIN System has solved this hassle now.

What is a Green PIN?

Green PIN is a one time password (OTP) sent to the registered mobile number of the cardholder each time they go for changing their debit/credit card PIN code. It is a paperless PIN regeneration system which is more secure since it only involves the users and their mobile system. Previously, the customers needed to visit the bank for collecting the regenerated PIN in most cases.

Every debit/credit cards have a four-digit unique PIN code which the user needs to enter for cash withdrawal or payment. Normally when the bank first issues the card to you, it provides this PIN and you need to change it at the ATM before the first use. The option of “Change PIN” might appear in the ATM screen.

Now, you can change your ATM PIN time and again with extra security, moreover by yourself. You’ll receive an OTP on your mobile number that verifies the cardholder is you. After that, you can change your ATM PIN through the Green PIN system. It is a replacement for paper based PIN regeneration, reducing the paper cost for banks and thereby contributing for environmental conservation.

How to change PIN in ATM using Green PIN?

Either it is a debit card or a credit card, you can change your PIN in the ATMs using Green PIN system. However, all the banks have not provided this service for both of the cards yet. Green PIN system is gaining momentum in Nepalese banks mostly for the ATM cards these days. Changing the PIN during first use is mandatory for all the ATM cards. However, you can change it by yourself with more security through the Green PIN system. For this, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. If your card is Green PIN activated, you can directly visit the ATM for changing your PIN.
  2. If not, you must contact your bank to activate Green PIN service. Some banks like Siddhartha Bank Limited have allowed Green PIN service in previously issued card as well. However, most of the banks require the users to contact to the bank to activate Green PIN service in their previously issued cards.
  3. After your card is Green PIN enabled, you can change your PIN through the ATM terminals.
  4. Got to your ATM and insert the card.
  5. Then you’ll receive a 6 digit OTP on your registered mobile number through SMS.
  6. Enter the OTP on the ATM screen and continue.
  7. After successful validation of the OTP, you can enter your new 4 digit PIN.
  8. Re-enter that 4 digit PIN to confirm and your PIN would be changed.

How can it benefit the users?

In this way, you can change your ATM PIN through Green PIN service. Green PIN system will now relieve the customers from the potential threat regarding their cards. Moreover, it would reduce the hassle when one needs to change the PIN. It has some additional benefits that allow customers to:

  • Change the PIN at their own comfort without visiting the bank branches
  • Use by both existing and new card customers on request

Remember that the banks have their own set of rules and procedures in allowing this service. Some of them have allowed this service for both debit and credit cards while some have limited this to debit cards only. In addition to that, some have allowed this service automatically to the existing users while some of them have activated this service to new card holders only. However, in case you forget your PIN, you will still have to contact the bank either via help desk or through personal visit. We suggest you to contact to your respective bank for the procedures of activation.

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