Google Applies For A License To Bring Back Android On Huawei Devices


Amidst the trade war between the US and China, Google Ban has been the piquant topic in the Huawei Blacklist affair since the beginning. It’s been almost a year since US President Mr. Trump blacklisted Huawei resulting in the ban of Google Services from the Huawei devices. This had compelled Huawei to start its own service, Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

Why Huawei users should not worry

That might not be the case anymore considering there have been reports showing that Google has been seeking official permissions with White House to resume the business with Huawei. The ban had proven disadvantageous to both Huawei and Google and mostly the consumers of the product. But now Huawei might finally resume business ties with Google if Google receives approval from the White House.

The details, though, are still obscure. A Huawei exec in Austria said a few weeks ago that Huawei will not go back to Google even if the ban lifted. But Huawei Consumer Group CEO Richard YU previously stated the contrary by saying that they would update the Mate 30 series immediately if they got to knot ties with Google again.

The techno-political battle that started with the US’ strategy to sabotage the Huawei’s 5G equipment sales around the world has proven more impactful to the consumer products than the chain of chips and widgets. It’s been more of an “Another shiny smartphone with huge potential crushed between political rivalry” kind of situation.

Hopefully, Google will receive an approval just like Microsoft did resume the business. If not, Huawei’s intent to spend billions into the development of its own AppGallery store and HMS and deploy it on top of the Android platform might seriously harm Google. 


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