Celebrate BhaiTika with your close ones that live far away with Bhaitika AR Filters from Esfera


BhaiTika (भाईटिका) is one of the most auspicious and fun day of Tihar. People all across the country and even those who live abroad celebrate this day with happiness with siblings/cousins around. However, for some Tihar might not be as shiny as it once used to be. Specially, with many Nepalese choosing to work and live abroad, many brothers are left with empty foreheads and countless sisters have no one to put tika on.

Thankfully, technology has proved to be a two-way street. While Social Media feed full of pictures of families celebrating the festival together heightens the sense of loss, the same social media is now creating many opportunities to create elevated virtual experiences with loved ones.

Esfera Brandings has created Bhaitika AR Filters on Instagram and Facebook that enables you to wear the seven-hue tika of Bhaitika at a touch of your fingers.

How to Get Bhaitika AR Filters from Esfera?

Link to Facebook Filter

Link to Instagram Filter

With the filter, you can take a snapshot of yourself with the Tika and share it with your friends and followers on your Facebook and Instagram.

You can also save the filter as below and use the filter while video calling your siblings on Instagram.

Esfera has also built a collage-creating engine where you can access the links to the filters, upload your photos with the Tika filter, and get a photo collage to share a snapshot of your Tadha ko Tihar with your dear brothers and sisters.

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Cheers to the humans in your life who are your arch-nemesis, your best friend, and your guardian.

Celebrate भाईटिका alongside your siblings virtually with Esfera’s AR experience.

Try Now here

Steps to follow for collage and photo is as below:-

We hope this will make a happy to their family who think we are far and our brothers and sister forehead is blank , we hope it will make feel closer to everyone. A warm wishes of tihar and bhaitika to everyone .


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