Elon Musk’s Neuralink chip Could get into Human Brains Starting Next Year!


Tech billionaire Elon musk claims that the brain chip manufactured by his recent startup neuralink can be implanted in human brains starting next year. The company which was started just four years ago has successfully completed the animal trial of the chip last year and receive positive feedback. The chip which was first implanted on 3 Guinea pigs was reported to be highly successful and Musk received mostly positive feedbacks from around the globe. 

The San Francisco headquartered company aims to seamlessly combine humans brains with computers. The successful implantation of a computer chip inside the human brain could be a revolutionary achievement but it isn’t far from controversies as well. The company faced several backlashes from the media and people were concerned just after the announcement of the revolutionary concept. People questioned the ethics of the concept. The public feared that the technology might interfere with the most sensitive human organ. The place where people intellect and reason are seated, and where our deepest feelings and aspirations reside.

Musk’s technology will be a game-changer for people will disabilities as it helps to overcome the scourge of disease. The chip will be made up of super-thin threads that carry electrodes. several chronic and life-limiting conditions are expected to be treated by Neuralink. The sci-fi lookinh startup had already developed a surgical robot to insert tiny hairlike structures into the human brain and develop a surgery like LASIK eye surgery. 


The test has already been conducted on monkeys, rats, and pigs and the result is quite impressive. The neuralink makes the future look so much interesting and anticipating. People would be so connected with artificial technology that they would be able to write just by thinking, stream music directly from the brain and begin the next generation of Artificial intelligence revolution in the world.


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