Anonymous Hacker Claims to Have Access to all .np Domains, Mentions Daraz, Kantipur & Mercantile about their Security Loopholes


JUST IN! The Anonymous hacker “SATAN” has just leaked the username and password of government sites including the National Museum, National Library, Krishi Bikash Matralaya. Things are really heating up now.

Data Breach in Nepal

The anonymous hacker by the name of “SATAN” is back on twitter after he seemed to have disappeared for a couple of days. The reason for this he said was due to his account constantly being reported and him being searched by investigators. The big breaking news with the return of the hacker is his claim to have access to all “.np” domains of Nepal. He tweeted out saying that he had gotten into Mercantile’s system and short after that posted a screenshot which appears to be proof that he now has access to all the “.np” domains. 

Besides this, the hacker has already started notifying other big-name companies like Kantipur and Daraz about their lack of security. The hacker has called out the companies on twitter and pointed out the issues saying that if they don’t fix it then he’ll have to force them to do so. By this, we suppose he means he will get into their system and literally show them what’s wrong.

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