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Viber and Vianet Release Statement Amidst Spamming Concerns


Recently many users have reported malicious activities including spams in Viber. Viber believes that this is due to the external data breach which has been happening in Nepal lately. Some Viber users have also been receiving activation codes for no apparent reason.  This could well be from the leaked data by hackers. The hackers had put all the data out on the open in the Web. 

Data Breach in Nepal

Data Breach in Nepal:

There was a huge leak of numerous users data from companies like Vianet and Foodmandu on the web just a few days ago. It is suspected that spammers might have used that data to try and get access to the users’ Viber accounts. This is somewhat the aftermath of all the data leaks. Vianet also just today released a statement amidst all this. It notified its customers to beware of such malicious activities and not to open skeptical links.  

In the notice of all this, Viber has also released a message for its users. They have stated that they have taken the necessary immediate actions to block these attacks. Furthermore, they are also working on more measures to prevent such attacks in the future. The regional representatives of Viber put forth this issue which had been growing concerns among users and Viber quickly addressed it. We hope that these efforts by the team of Viber will help settle the issue. Nevertheless, due to recent events of data breaches, we urge all of you to ignore any kind of malicious links. You should also ignore suspicious text messages or calls.  

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If you still happen to receive activation codes that were not intended by you on Viber, then we suggest you ignore it and report it to Viber Twitter @ViberHelp or by opening a ticket here: .


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