Hindrances on Internet Speed During Lockdown and Tips to Lessen Them


Though quarantined at home due to COVID -19 pandemic, the Internet is helping people to not feel isolated. Transforming to online lifestyle is stretching Internet networks to new levels and the World Wide Web is busier now more than ever. The sort of demand on the home networks, national and international infrastructure of the Internet is escalating. Internet lagging at such times is not only nerve-wracking but can also be quite problematic. People are facing inconvenience due to poor Internet quality; they are not satisfied by the level of assistance accommodated by their Internet Service Providers. Even service providers with good internet providing history are now struggling to provide the level of quality on the Internet to delight their customers. So, on a personal level, here are some tips to improve internet speed.

tips to improve internet speed

Massive service disruption issue was created as the COVID-19 pandemic started getting much severe with stretched lockdowns. Internet service providers are juggling with various problems as people are using services that use uploads of bandwidth. There is not much we can do when the Internet connection completely drops off, the exclusive thing we can do is to either register our complaints regarding the performance of the internet to our service provider and seek their help or take some measures individually to minimize this obstacle. Though not being able to completely fix the problem some steps below can surely be taken to bring alterations in the Internet quality to some degree.

Tips to Improve Internet Speed:

1) Location of Router

The reason behind Wi-Fi speeds slowing down might be the place or position the router is kept. Sometimes slow Internet connection problems can be fixed by some simple act; just like when you drop a pebble in a pond, and the water ripples move out from the impact point in all directions. Placing a router at the center of our house is going to create some similar effect on its performance. It goes on to scale down wasted coverage space, eradicating unnecessary distance between the unit and any connected devices. Appliances like microwaves have been known to intrude with routers, placing routers away from them can be convenient. Positioning the router over something at a higher place and mounting the router can also be considered as one of the tips for solving poor internet speed. If the router is located in a different room, switching to the room where the router is placed might also help to some extent.

2) Responsive handling

Responsive use of the internet is something people should be valuing. The sector where the system could go overloaded is the home broadband network. Home broadband networks are not usually designed to tolerate heavy traffic in networks, especially the heavy two-way traffic that we are dealing with. Many home Wi-Fi networks are not built up to handle so many online activities and all digital gadgets being used at the same time is undeniably a hectic and chaotic thing. Intervention is a real concern here.

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Everyone is way more online than usual; using devices that use a lot of bandwidth all at once, since there is a very limited set of frequency, the more devices that are near each other trying to use it, more congested the Internet network gets. Network traffic has been augmenting since everyone is spending almost their entire time being involved in something via the internet. Teleworking, distant learning has been a convenient way of working and learning for people and companies. Thus, good Internet quality has become a necessity, and disruption while using the internet is the last thing on our minds. In order to resolve this obstacle: disconnecting devices that are not being used actively should be done; maintenance of the low speed of the internet should be accessed at the time of internet rush hour. The internet should be used reasonably, considering the pressure it must be getting, though you can’t stop network congestion, you can surely help reduce it at some level by acting as a responsive Internet user.

3) Other devices moderating down the connection

Fiber and old day cable networks may have some problems linking with an Internet connection. They have their own limitations and they seem to bring significant complications with them. Old computer or old model of mobile phones can make the internet appear slower, they may spontaneously generate network traffic without our knowledge and make internet connection slow. The outdated cable modem will generally suppress the internet connection cascading to a speed which is a lot more moderate than the speed people should be enjoying. Disruptions happening in the internet connection sometimes can be due to such outdated devices, so avoiding their usage can automatically downturn the obstacle. Some extra tips for internet speed might be taking a look at those devices and their condition.

4) Modem or router issues

Malfunction can sometimes occur and the router, the modem might stop corresponding. There might be some issue in your router or your modem if you are continuously finding your internet speed being slow. Disconnecting the router or modem from the power supply, rebooting the router, replacing the cables to improve its condition, connecting the modem directly, and changing the wireless channel is the least we can do, to fix the problem.

While you can try to fix issues and maybe enhance the performance of the setup inside your house, you can’t really influence network performance or enforcement outside of it. Major providers say that they are confident about networks being able to handle this supplemented pressure, while some of the providers are already taking steps to ease the burden. There are concerns coming from many people and service providers about technology might not be able to support such a big amount of networking capacity.

The Current Scenario

In March Netflix, YouTube and Amazon announced to reduce their data usage by downsizing the quality of their streams. Netflix has decided to not provide 4k adaptive bitrate streaming as 4k takes almost five times the bandwidth of a regular standard high definition stream. This is somewhat like a situation when too many vehicles cause traffic congestion on the highway and in order to control the traffic some preventive steps must be taken. Some adjustments and measures need to be made and followed sincerely since a number of people are consuming high data in high quantities. This kind of network congestion and issue is not a minor inconvenience for a country like Nepal. Keeping this in mind, we can use the internet responsibly even inside our homes. In a bigger picture, it’ll make a larger impact.

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