Revenues of ISPs in Nepal: Turnover above Billions?


A lot of ISPs have come up in the market recently. But, how many of them are actually making a difference in the market? Here, we provide you with information on the revenues of ISPs in Nepal.

Above Billions?

Internet service provider, WorldLink, made around Rs 6 billion last year. According to the latest audit statement, WorldLink, the country’s largest Internet service provider, has reported revenue of Rs 5.95 billion during the year.

Along with WorldLink, there are three Internet service provider companies that make billions. Of which, Subisu Cable Net Pvt. Ltd. has earned Rs 2.7 billion, while the third-ranked Internet service provider Vianet has an income of Rs 1.27 billion.

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ISPs having a turnover above Crores

Revenues of ISPs in Nepal

The number of Internet service providers earning over Rs. 1 crore in the last fiscal year, based on the earnings data submitted by the regulators to the regulatory telecommunication authority, is 24.

Other companies earning above crore include Classic Tech, Rs 62 Crore 66 lakhs, WebSurfer 50 crore, Techminds 41 crore 41 lakhs, Communication and Communicates 41 Crore, Mercantile Communication 20 Crore 31 Lakhs, Broadlink Networks 12 Crore 24 Lakhs, and Himalayan 11 Crore 26 Lakhs have made millions of income.

According to the pre-audit income statement, the income will be different after the audit. According to the Telecommunication Law, service providers have a provision that they do not show more than 10% of the variance in pre-audit and post-audit earnings.

Internet service providers have deposited 50 percent of their total income on maintenance, and the 2 percent of the remaining 50 percent of the has been deposited in the rural telecommunications fund. The revenues of ISPs in Nepal show that they have been massive turnovers in the market and the market is growing as well.


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