The Biggest Problems with Regular Transactions and How to Fix Them with Digital Payment


Digital Payments! Yes, you might have been hearing a lot of it recently. But why is everyone promoting Online Payment System in Nepal so much? What is the problem with the traditional cash transactions? And what does the digital payment have to offer that it’s creating such a buzz?

Well, today we decided to have a look at just that by listing some of the main problems of traditional cash transactions and how digital payments can fix them.

Online Payment System in Nepal


Are you tired of having to stay in long queues to pay your bills? Want to book a movie ticket on the go? Or maybe you don’t have enough cash on hand but want to make a quick purchase. If you’re still wondering how is it possible to get all of this done then the answer is through digital payment. The Online Payment System in Nepal lets you do all of this and even more with just a few clicks on your phone.

Gone are the days of having to wait 1-2 hours just to pay your bill or having to go an hour before to collect your movie ticket or even carrying loads of cash around. You can now complete almost every cash transaction within a couple of minutes on your phone. The best part is you can do it from just about anywhere. You don’t even need to go searching for payment places. There’s even more to it as you can get exclusive rewards and cashback offers through digital wallets like Khalti, eSewa, IMEpay.


Something that scares a lot of people and makes them really nervous is when they have to carry a lot of cash around. There is always a chance of misplacing it or getting robbed. But, when you go cashless you don’t have a huge amount of cash on hand which means this fear is automatically removed. You are still carrying around the cash but then digitally. This is a lot safer and you can also use the digital cash to carry out all the cash transactions even more seamlessly. Also, the risk of getting fake currency is not there in digital payment.


If you’re someone like me who keeps on forgetting where you spend all your money and finds it hard to keep a record of transactions then digital payment is right at your aid. With digital payment, all your transactions are tracked and you can easily keep track of where you’re spending or receiving your money from.  In this way, you don’t have to go mad in your head trying to keep track of your transactions. Your digital payment gateway does it for you instead. By this, you are always accountable for your transactions. Not just that but it also helps eradicate the black market due to everything being traceable.

“Keep the Change?”

All of us are likely to admit to having encountered the problem of not having the change to give to someone or the shopkeeper not having the change to return to us. This creates an unwanted nuisance. You’ve to go around looking for a change or buy something else you don’t want to. But with digital payment, this problem is simply removed from the equation. You don’t ever have to worry about change. You just pay the exact amount that you need to. Not just that but it also saves you from all the hassle as well as eases your transaction.

Operating Costs

A huge chunk of money is spent by the government in managing cash. Similarly, if you had to go somewhere to make a payment or to complete a transaction; you’d have to bear some operating costs too. Not just that but the time and effort you have to invest and suddenly when the transaction doesn’t get completed due to some issue and you’ve to go again is another headache. However, with a digital economy, all of the mentioned problems are minimized as by going digital the government will not have to invest much in managing cash, and also your operating costs will be minimized as you can complete your transactions from anywhere at any time you want. Also, as already mentioned early you get reward points and cashback offers which makes it even better.

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So, these were some of the main problems of regular transactions, and some of the ways digitalizing transactions helped fix them. Are you too moving towards adopting digital payments, Online Payment System in Nepal? Do you too think that it helps solve a lot of issues as mentioned created by regular transactions?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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