Muktinath Bikas Bank gets “Mobile Banking Leader” Award for Falgun


F1Soft has awarded Muktinath Bikas Bank with the “Mobile Banking Leader” for the month of Falgun. The bank was selected out of 49 Banks and Financial Institutions (Fonepay Network Banks) with 15,824 digitally transacting users, the bank had the highest ratio of customers transacting through mobile banking for the month.

Muktinath Bikas Bank gets "Mobile Banking Leader" Award for Falgun 1

The mobile banking leader award was recently presented to Sunrise Bank Limited Nepal for the month of Magh. To promote digital Banking and digital transactions in Nepal, Fonepay, the largest mobile payment network of Nepal started the “Mobile Banking Leader” award in Magh 2076. The award is provided on the basis of the highest ratio of the customers transacting through the Mobile Banking App developed by F1Soft.

Established in Poush 19, 2065 Muktinath Bikas Bank serves over 6, 50K customers nationally. It has 22 ATMs, 136 branches, more than 14K+ merchant networks, and 3,2K+ remittance agents all over Nepal. Moreover, the bank has been actively promoting mobile banking and QR payments to its customers and merchants.

As Nepal is under complete lockdown for a week, Banks are now offering free transaction as the risk of infection with the Corona Virus (nCOV-19) increases using different rupee notes. To decrease the risk of spreading the virus through the medium of banknotes, the transaction fee for different transactions are free of charge as of now. Banks have emphasized on the online transactions to reduce the number of people in the bank’s different branches. For this, they have decided to reduce the charges on both mobile banking and internet banking.

So let’s make transactions digitally and stay at home.


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