[Update] Data Breach #3: More Than 5000 Users Data Leaked Again


Recently two continuous data breaches took place which disclosed information of 500 then 5000 users data respectively. Now again, for the third time, the anonymous twitter handler named Lanpan Khyāh leaked further users’ data via the dark web. He leaked the data via twitter mentioning the .onion URL of data at 7:34 PM.

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The leaked data seems similar to the first two breaches. The leaked data includes the user name, phone number, and address of the users. Also via the tor network, the anonymous has stated something unconvincing. He has stated that in Narayani Hospital, Birgunj patients are treated like animals. He claims that the patients are given warm food on plastic bags. Also, he mentioned that there are only 2 toilets for 23 people and vegetarian people are served with one packet tiger biscuit as breakfast. He also asserted that 8 patients are kept in one isolation ward. To prove this statement he has kept the URL of Onlinekhabar’s post about this incident. He assumes that maximum hospitals are doing the same and he wants to seek the government’s attention towards it.

The user is repeatedly saying that the government is compelling him/her to do this. The anonymous user demands the government to take action against those corrupted people who are responsible for suppressing those journalists. He has claimed to leak more user’s data if proper action is not taken against them. though the leaked data seems the information for the smart cell’s database there isn’t any official response from the company.


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