Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal Launches “MoHP Nepal COVID-19” Official Viber Community


The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) and Health Emergency Center (HEOC) has launched its official Viber Community for the flow of the latest news and information regarding COVID-19 in Nepal. You’ll receive official updates as they come through from the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP)/HEOC as well as other helpful information such as preventive measures, symptoms, and helplines will also be constantly updated in the group.

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MOHP Nepal COVID -19 Viber Community

This is a great initiative by The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP)/HEOC to provide verified information to the public and to keep them rightly informed about the updates on the virus in our country. With a lot of fake rumors of COVID-19 cases in Nepal spreading through social media, this will be of great help to provide authorized information to the public. Thus, by joining this official Viber community created by MoHP/HOEC you can stop yourself from being a victim of hoaxes spreading on the media.

The community is rapidly increasing with already more than 7,000 members subscribed to the group. We encourage you to join now as well to keep yourself updated and informed with genuine information concerning the COVID-19 in our country.

To join, search for ‘ MoHP Nepal COVID-19’ on Viber or click on this link:

MoHP Nepal COVID-19

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