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Dish Home is the one and only DTH service provider in Nepal. The company has been providing a trustworthy TV service for a very long. After getting legal permission to work as an internet service provider, Dish Home has expanded its service and is aiming for lucrative success at the same time. Along with their DTH service, they have now started to provide internet service via Fiber Optics Technology.

Dish Home Internet

Last January, Nepal Telecommunication Authority granted Dish Home permission to work as an internet service provider and the company now owns a legalized license for it. They are providing internet service via Fiber to home technology (FTTH Technology). This technology uses optical fibers from the main execution point to the user’s place to provide high-speed internet without any hindrance.

Accessibility (Service Available Regions)

Initially, Dish Home’s Fiber Internet Service was available at places within Kathmandu Valley including Bhaisipati, Tinkune-Baneshwor, and Kapan-Bouddha. The company extended its services outside the ring-road last year. Now, this fiber internet service of Dish Home is available outside the Valley as well. All the major cities and towns of Nepal have accessibility to dish home internet service now.

For your ease, we have listed all the available service areas in the country here.

Dish Home FTTH: Available Packages and Pricing

The upcoming table presents the cost of packages and the duration up to which those packages can be used.

PackageNumber of TVs1 Month3 Months6Months1 Year
10 Mbps1Rs 531Rs 1549Rs 3009Rs 5841
15 Mbps1Rs 600Rs 1750Rs 3400Rs 6600
25 Mbps1Rs. 900Rs. 2640Rs. 5160Rs. 10,000
40 Mbps1Rs. 1030Rs. 3030Rs. 5880Rs. 11499
60 Mbps1Rs 1200Rs 3525Rs 6900Rs 13499
80 Mbps1Rs 1370Rs 4020Rs 7860Rs 15499
100 Mbps1Rs 1530Rs 4530Rs 8880Rs 17499

Internet Installation Charges

Now lastly, let’s discover the installation charges for the entire setup of the Dish Home Fiber Internet. No installation charge will be taken from the users for a 1-year subscription above 15 Mbps.

Internet Package1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year
10 MbpsRs.2,212Rs.2,212Rs.2,212Rs.2,212
15 MbpsRs.2,212Rs.2,212Rs.2,212Rs.2,212
25 MbpsRs.2,000Rs.1,500Rs.1,000Free
40 MbpsRs.2,000 Rs.1,500Rs.1,000Free
60 MbpsRs.2,000 Rs.1,500Rs.1,000Free
80 MbpsRs.2,000 Rs.1,500Rs.1,000Free
100 MbpsRs.2,000 Rs.1,500Rs.1,000Free

DTH Installation Charges

Internet Package1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year
10 MbpsRs.3,539Rs.3,539Rs.3,539Rs.3,539
15 MbpsRs.3,539Rs.3,539Rs.3,539Rs.3,539
25 MbpsRs.2,400Rs.2,100Rs.1,800Rs.1,500
40 MbpsRs.2,400Rs.2,100Rs.1,800Rs.1,500
60 MbpsRs.2,400Rs.2,100Rs.1,800Rs.1,500
80 MbpsRs.2,400Rs.2,100Rs.1,800Rs.1,500
100 MbpsRs.2,400Rs.2,100Rs.1,800Rs.1,500

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