Daraz Dmart: Assisting With the Daily Needs Online


Daraz has come up with yet another service, Daraz Dmart, that deals with the daily necessities. This online departmental store will give you access to daily necessities easily that includes rice, dal, cereals, snacks, beverages, skin care products, cleaning supplies, etc. All of this will be online and at the most reasonable prices.

Daraz Dmart: Assisting With the Daily Needs Online 1

Besides the ease of getting all the daily supplies online, Dmart will also give the offer of free delivery. Daraz Dmart offers the customers in Kathmandu Valley with free delivery on the purchase of items above Rs. 1500. This seems quite reasonable as we tend to buy household items in bulk rather than choosing over individual items.

Dmart has the maximum delivery time within Kathmandu Valley up to 24 to 48 hours and might get up to 2-4 days customers outside the valley. Some of the major highlights in Dmart deals include the availability of exclusive products, deals, and organic products. Dmart will also provide discounts ranging from 5%, 30%, up to 50% on selected products. Besides these, Daraz Dmart is also offering exclusive discounts on baby care products at the end of every month products such as diapers available in wholesale prices. Also, the basic STC products such as salt, flour, daal are also available at seemingly reasonable prices.

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The major advantage of using Daraz Dmart is the availability of a wide range of products at a single place. On Dmart, customers can skim through a diverse collection of products that include sanitary napkins, pet care items and diapers to chocolates. Moreover, Dmart isn’t stuck on its present products, it will be bringing new arrivals every second week of the month.

To shop on Daraz Dmart, you can visit the Daraz App or the website and click the green Dmart Logo located at the top right screen corner below the product slider. If that’s stressful for you, you can just type in “Dmart” on the search box. Try it out and make your life easier!


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