Aptoide Suffers Major Data Breach, 20M Users’ Data Compromised


Aptoide, the largest third-party app store in the world has had its data breached. The news comes in at a time when national as well as international data breaches have been catching steam in the past few weeks. The good news though is that minimum personal information and no payment information were exposed. The bad news is login credentials were targeted and exposed. The numbers reported from Aptoide state that upto 49 million user accounts could have been subject to the hack. The hackers leaked email addresses, hashed passwords, names, birth dates, IP addresses, and device details of the users. They posted the leaked data on a well-known forum for everyone’s viewing. It also included more technical information such as signup tokens and developer tokens.

Aptoide Data Breach

Among the affected accounts the hackers released information of 20 million accounts as proof. Aptoide has said that there is no significant threat to the data breach. They are currently taking measures to identify how the data breach took place putting forth solutions. As a further step, they have also disabled all account-based activity for the time being. This includes signups, commenting, reviewing, etc. However, this will not impact the download or upload of apps. The users will have to set a new password while logging in once Aptoide resumes its normal user services.

Data breaches on the rise

Data breaches have become a major concern over the web recently. There have been more and more cases recently. This makes it clear that our data protection on the web is merely a thing. From the international case of a data breach of Zoom to national cases such as Vianet, the situation has been quite alarming. Since everything is moving to a digital platform it is essential that companies take data security seriously. There have been many discussions going on regarding data security at the national and international levels as well. From this, we hope to see the necessary policies and measures implemented to enhance security.


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