Coronavirus: 5 Tips for Working at Home


Working from home is fun, freeing and fulfilling.

Having circled the globe for 8 years and running, I know of no more freeing and fascinating way to live. But working at home challenges you, too. I just spoke to my wife – a fellow work at home blogger – about a particular challenge we all face: setting boundaries. Let’s start there as you use these tips for a more seamless working at home experience.

5 Tips for Working at Home

1: Set Boundaries

Set boundaries with friends, fam and the like to ensure you get your work done. Work during set hours, close the door and throw away the key. Kids, spouses, and anybody in the house need to understand you are working at a job. Sure the job happens to be worked inside of your home. But a job it is, nonetheless. Set boundaries. Get the job done.

2: Avoid Distractions

Do you know I rarely get minutes for my phone? Seriously; my wife buys my minutes to ensure I have contact with the outside world once I leave the home. I hate distractions. One reason why I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks is because I have zero distractions in my work at home environment.

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Turn off your phone for extended periods during your workday. Are you a doctor or a blogger? No life or death emergencies demand your attention. Clients can wait. Turn off the TV. Never divide your attention and energy between multiple tasks for where your attention and energy goes, grows. Kill distractions. Effectively work at home.

3: Maintain a Set Schedule

Although I am not rigid and take plenty of breaks during my workday, I work from roughly 9-10 AM to midnight every single day. Again! I spend 4 hours on my mindset-health and usually 2-3 hours on entertainment like Netflix, Hulu or traveling stuff, but each day involves working on a fairly set schedule for a good 8-10 hours, most days.

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Be flexible but firm. Maintain a set schedule. Treat working from home as a job. Because it is a job, in many ways. Establish order. Feel good about getting your work done in a set time frame. Be professional. Be a successful work at home entrepreneur.

4: Spend Hours Managing Your Mindset-Energy

I spend 3-4 hours daily meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga and exercising. One needs to manage their energy in a work at home setting because falling into low energy, non-productive habits get way too easy in such a lax environment. How quickly could you get lost down the rabbit hole of watching television, eating crappy food and gossiping with friends on the phone?

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No boss breathes down your neck. Everything is on you. Since you are the boss, you better work on your mindset to ensure you get the job done. Manage your energy. Work on your mindset. Successfully navigate the ups and downs of being a work at home entrepreneur.

5: Seize Your Freedom

Coronavirus: 5 Tips for Working at Home 2

Take advantage of your freedom! All work at home entrepreneurs deserves to enjoy their freedom. Put in the time. Work your butt off from a generous, trusting, persistent energy. Then you better cash in on the lovely freedoms work at home entrepreneurs experience.

I always shop early in the morning or late in the evening during the week. Why? Shopping at these times allows me to avoid the massive crowds at grocery stores and retail stores on the weekends here in NYC-New Jersey. Ditto for watching movies; wifey and I go to noon flicks during the week to have the movie theater to ourselves.

We vacation whenever we want to. No boss. No set schedule.

Travel to exotic lands during the low season. Enjoy lower prices and lesser crowds. Have lunch with your kids on their school break. Attend more of your children’s sporting events.

What is the use of working at home if you do not seize the freedom of this gig and experience this blessed gift? Soak up the sugary sweet benefits of being a work at home entrepreneur. Enjoy all this lifestyle has to offer you.

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph inspires with his 100 plus eBooks, audiobooks and courses at Blogging From Paradise.


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