Grasshopper App: Learn Coding for Free from your Phone

Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, has established itself as a workshop for Google’s experiments. Recently, Area 120 has released a new app to help people learn coding from their smartphone devices. The Grasshopper app helps the beginners to learn coding in Javascript. This app has been released in both android and iOS.

grasshopper app

Grasshopper app is a puzzle based app which helps people to learn coding. It’s smooth UI has made this app more like a game and more fun to use. This app begins from the early introduction to programming concepts and gets to the use of complex functions and also lets us build Javascript animations.

grasshopper app grasshopper appgrasshopper app

There are several puzzles and challenges in the app that define the different coding chapters. As you go on exploring, the puzzles get more complex and harder. But the explanations are provided in such a way that it is super easy to learn, even for a beginner to programming. At the end of chapter, a quiz is presented. A quiz is a multiple choice question and you need to choose the correct answer from the given options. Whenever you get an answer correct, you get a congratulations greet from our fellow grasshopper! Also, as you keep moving ahead, your reward points get increased.

 grasshopper appgrasshopper app

Besides the major puzzles and quiz, there is also a code playground where you can freely code and play with your code with the output right there. This helps you to do experiments with the things that you’ve learned. After you get through the basics and fundamentals of coding, you are introduced to basic animation features of Javascript. Through this, you can test your skills on Javascript and build common animations.

So basically, grasshopper app is a cool thing to start coding for beginners. The UI is smooth and interesting. The puzzles are also fun and interesting. You can start as a beginner to coding and end up learning a lot of stuff to get your coding journey move ahead. Check this out if you want to start coding.

Grasshopper app for Android: Click here to download
Grasshopper app for iOS: Click here to download

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